Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tarawa East Stake Song Festival

The Tarawa East Stake had a song festival, an annual event, where every ward and branch sings 3 songs:  one that all are to learn, a second hymn of their choosing, and a third "fun song" that isn't in our hymn book.  This is a great way they have of helping the saints to learn new hymns and have a lot of fun.

This ward had all the sisters in the same blouse, with flower garlands for all their singers.
The Eita 2nd Ward had a fun song that included a sheep, for which the first counselor dressed the part.
Some of the choirs were small, but had great voices that sounded much bigger.

The North Tarawa Branch had to come by boat, but had a fun little choir with a few really young voices.

Sister Crowe was a dynamic leader for her choir.  Her husband, Norm Crowe, was the builder who was in charge of building Moroni HS and some of the chapels on the island.  He married this Kiribati lady and retired here.

Each choir actually slipped in a 4th song, which they sang as they marched up to the choir seats.

As you can see below, most choirs sang a capella because they don't have people who can play the piano.  Judy played for 3 units -- one of which just asked her that night just before they were going up to sing.

Some of the Moroni Ward girls are at right. 

The men on the front row are President Tekeiaki, Elder Wakolo (Area 70), and President Banririe.

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