Friday, January 25, 2013

Dancing in Kiribati

Four of our missionaries are from New Zealand and performed the Haka for us on P-Day.

Sister Bush taught the missionaries a Kiribati sitting stick dance Christmas Day.  You can see by the smiles that they enjoyed it.

Sister Bush and Turian Banimone, the Stake Relief Society President

Four Kiribati dancers just before the performance-Sister Judy Bush, Turian Banimone, Otomie Uakitera, & Rusila Mwea

Elder and Sister Bush after the performance.
  It was a great night and so FUN to share their culture.

Senior Couples' Christmas picture-Youngberg's, Bush's, and Bonnemort's

Sister Bush taught the youth  the Virginia Reel and square dances at Temwaiku to the side of their church.  Notice the four little boys who are enjoying and imitating the older kids.
The youth enjoyed all of the practices!!

These boys told us they were using all four of them to be a bicycle.
Tarawa West Stake Culture night, where they were doing a sitting stick dance.  They sang the song and enjoyed the movement.  It was a great night!

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  1. I sure hope you got a video of Mom dancing with those other 3 ladies when you had on the pretty head pieces and grass skirts. That would be great to see! Post it if you have it please! Love you lots!