Friday, August 30, 2013

U.S. Navy ship in Tarawa

In July, the U.S. Navy sent a ship to visit the island nations of Tonga, Samoa, the Marshall Islands, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands.  It was a joint venture with the Australian and New Zealand military people to distribute humanitarian supplies, run health clinics, school supplies and to do service projects.  The USS Pearl Harbor was the ship carrying about 2000 men and women and cargo.
We helped with organizing interpreters for the medical staff.  Each day we had 4 missionaries and 4 returned missionaries interpreting for the Kiribati people.
The Youngbergs, who were humanitarian missionaries, helped with the distribution of the LDS materials, the hygiene kits, school kits, and clothes.

This is the boat that took us from the harbor in Beito out to the USS Pearl Harbor

Sister Youngberg, Elder Youngberg, and Sister Cassita

Our navy boat pilot taking us to the USS Pearl Harbor

The rear end of the ship lowers, they fill the end of the ship and it allows a smaller ship to float in and out with supplies for the shallower water at the harbor.

The stairway that takes you from the boat up to the ship.

Judy climbing the stair.

Cargo area and machinery

This is where the smaller ship is brought into the mother ship to load to take supplies ashore.

Hallways are small and filled with instruments.

The bridge with all the controls, radar and navigation equipment to steer the ship.

Judy steering the ship!!

Val steers with only one hand.  With a little helm the great ship can be steered.

Navigation instruments

Radar with the Tarawa atoll shown by the J shape figure.
The ship is at the center of the circle.  

Judy in the captain's chair.

LDS officer on the left charting the course.


Aluminum chaff cannons to draw away missile fire from the ship.  The ship has little defensive artillery and is meant just as a cargo ship.

Mess hall

Living quarters, with bunks around the right side, with lockers and hangers for clothes.

Washing facilities

Sister Cassita, Elder Youngberg, Sister Youngberg, Judy, Navy guide, and Val
as we finish our tour of the USS Pearl Harbor.

Judy with one of the security guards on board the ship.
Our boat coming back to the ship to pick us up.  The boat can turn a 360 degree circle in place, having 2 big diesel engines.  The million and a half dollar boat can carry 22 troops as a shuttle.

Going back to Betio.

Beautiful sunset in Bikenibeu at the travel agency.

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