Friday, July 6, 2012

WWII in Betio



The Battle of Tarawa was the bloodiest battle fought in the Pacific.  The whole battle was 72 hours long.  It was considered a strategic gateway to the other Japanese held islands.  It had an airstrip on it that the Japanese were building and one of the objectives was to take control of the airstrip.  This is the group that went on the 1/2 day tour to visit the  WWII sites.  The lady in front, Teaote, was our guide.


One of several guns.  This one was the most intact.  This is also the place where Elder L. Tom Perry dedicated the country of Kiribati for missionary work.

A gun foundation that was still visible at low tide.

 The barrel of the gun that had fallen off.  Visible at low tide.
The rounded bunkers for ammunition storage, located near the guns
 Gun on a cement foundation.  Notice the boy climbing on the side.
 This local family has built their house on top of a Japanese bunker.
 Inside of an American quonset built after taking island.  Today a family lives inside.
 Our guide asking permission for us to look inside the American quonset.

 The Japanese high command's house near the beach.  It is also next door to Betio 3rd Ward.
 Having fun with the Kiribati kids!!
Navy & Marine memorial to those brave men who fought in the Battle of Tarawa

The west beach (green beach) where the Americans came ashore.


  1. Thanks for posting these pictures with some tour guide information. Fun to see all the new things you get to do/see. Love you both!

  2. Love following your mission experiences here at Dr Roderick's office.