Sunday, September 9, 2012

Keyboard Class

One of the things all the leaders wanted us to do is teach music lessons.  The church has a music course, with 3 lessons on conducting and 6+ on keyboarding.  These people are great singers and pick out wonderful harmonies, but few read music.
In the Betio 1st and 2nd Ward building, we have been teaching a weekly class.  We take 5 keyboards with us for them to use during the lesson, but they are left with 2 in the building to practice on.  During the lesson, they double up and take turns.
The girl on the left is a student at Moroni HS, for which she rides a bus about an hour each way.
These 2 brethren were really concentrating.  The man on the right is the Sunday School president and has a wonderful voice.
The woman on the right is Otomi Uakitera.  She is the bishop's wife and also works in the service center, so we see her almost daily.  She is our most faithful attender and practices for her lessons.
These young men really enjoyed learning and would work in a three-some for the opportunity because we didn't have enough keyboards.
We got some of the keyboards from the mission and 2 more from Moroni HS because they don't work with a power cord anymore.  We bought some batteries and it works fine, but batteries are very expensive here.  We had our daughter, Angie, buy them in the States and send them to us.

These three ladies attended our personal finance class, along with several others.  We taught them how to budget and plan for their future.
We held this class in the Institute building on the grounds of the West Stake Center.
The rainy season offers special challenges to the pedestrian.  Actually, that is 90% of the population.

The one food preservation we have seen is drying fish.  Few people have refrigerators, so they catch and eat fresh every day.  If they are selling the fish and don't get it all sold, they need to dry it or lose it.
Moving a house past the toll booth in the middle of the road posed a little challenge

Marinoa, on the left, is the librarian at Moroni HS.  We actually met her on the plane coming here from Fiji.  These two sisters attend the Teaorereke 2nd Ward.
Little girls are happy.  Older ones are always helping the littler ones with safety by the road.

The Beito 2nd Ward decorated the pulpit for ward conference and the stake visitors.  They also had a wonderful ward choir with about 35 voices, all dressed with bow ties and jackets for the men, matching blouses & skirts for the women.

Another decoration was around each pillar in the outside court yard, with flowers and palm leaves woven and arranged.

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