Saturday, September 8, 2012

Taiwan Kites & Sunsets

This is a Taiwanese flying kites on the soccer field at Moroni HS.  The Taiwan government does a lot for Kiribati, improving nutrition, supplying local vendors and farmers with plants to grow their own food, and giving economic aid.

We have never seen such a kite-flying exhibition as this.  There are no less than 20 kites strung together.
The Taiwanese flag was one of the biggest kites.
Kite-flying gets a little more sophisticated than the little things we used to fly in Idaho.
A bird kite.

Shark kite

Sunsets with a few clouds are spectacular over the water.  The fence is 30 feet out our back door.

Can't get enough of these sunsets.  Occasionally we get a moment to capture them in such a photo.  Notice the high cumulus cloud on the right.  There was actually some thunder here, once, which is surprising with the lack of mountains.

A buia, a house for a family, by the sea shore, could house 4-6 people.  The bundles of leaf thatching is made and sold for roofing.

This is what I call a fire-cloud sunset, seen from back of our apartment.

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